wholeTone sound

production + post + score-to-picture

Location Recording

  • capturing any size event - from singer/songwriter to mass choir and orchestra
  • film dialog wireless and boom op
  • high quality analog + digital equipment used for archival quality recordings
  • each voice/instrument receives its own track, allowing total flexibility in post production
  • we've recorded hundreds of live concerts, of various genres, in various venues - and spent countless days on set


  • custom created scores for your moving images
  • live orchestral recording or amazingly real midi creations
  • no half steps - only the finest, tried and true gear used
  • two in-house conductors for choral or orchestral 
  • arranging, part printing
  • access to dozens of fine, local musicians + singers for recording

Your film deserves a carefully crafted, unique soundtrack which enhances the picture and carries the creator's vision for the story. 
During the spotting session, we view the picture and discuss with you all key moments and emotional impacts required. 

We then agree on appropriate approaches to orchestration; do we need a 5 piece rock band, or a chamber choir and continuo? Maybe none of the above! 

Working with you and finding your (our) sound that works for the image is the challenge and magic of this side of film making. 


Whether you need on-set dialog recorded, an orchestral/choral concert, work in-studio, or score custom music to your film, WholeTone has you covered. 

Matt Stephanson has been working in audio for 20 years and is an audio technician and instructor at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. 

Being a classically trained singer (M.Mus), and a technician gives Matt an edge when it comes to capturing the best take — especially during vocal productions.

Post Production

  • we use the latest Avid Pro Tools audio software
  • edit, mix, and master up to 7.1 surround
  • accurately deliver to your spec (festival, broadcast, theatrical, TV, web)
  • ADR - overdubbing dialog for performance and/or language options
  • deliver files for DCP, LtRt, LoRo, AC3
  • audio restoration (clean up dialog tracks, remove sneezes, etc.)
  • rebalance old mixes
  • upmix old stereo sources to surround sound
  • complete Foley + walla service (we custom record the SFX and crowd sounds for your picture)