sound for moving images


Location Recording

  • Boom Microphone
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Mixer + Recorder
  • Playback
  • Telephone Conversation (for interviews)


  • custom created scores for your moving images
  • live orchestral recording or amazingly real midi mockups
  • two in-house conductors for choral and orchestral 
    scoring sessions
  • part printing
  • working with dozens of fine, local musicians + singers for recording

Your film deserves a carefully crafted, unique soundtrack which enhances the picture and carries the creator’s vision for the story. 

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Post Production

We offer full one-stop post sound services including:

  • we use the latest Avid Pro Tools audio software
  • edit, mix, and master up to 7.1 surround (Dolby Atmos coming soon!)
  • accurately deliver to your spec (festival, broadcast, theatrical, TV, web)
  • ADR – overdubbing dialog for performance and/or language options
  • deliver files for DCP, LtRt, LoRo, AC3
  • audio restoration (clean up dialog tracks, remove sneezes, etc.)
  • rebalance old mixes
  • upmix old stereo sources to surround sound
  • complete Foley + walla service (we custom record the SFX and crowd sounds for your picture)