WholeTone Sound:

  • High Resolution Location Recording (up to 32 separate channels)
  • Audio Restoration using iZotope RX Advanced (remove sneezes, repair unusable audio)
  • Live Sound Mix (sound reinforcement and amplification for live shows)
  • Post Production: edit, mix, and master in stereo or 7.1 Surround
  • Dialog capture and editing for film (full ADR suite available)
  • Score-to-Picture (custom composed music for your film)
  • Foley + Walla (custom made, real sound effects and crowd sounds)
Whether you need to record on-set dialog, an orchestral/choral concert, work in-studio, or score custom music to your film, WholeTone has you covered. Matt Stephanson has been working in audio for 20 years and is an audio technician and instructor at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Being a classically trained singer (M.Mus), and a technician gives Matt an edge when it comes to capturing the best take — especially during vocal productions.
Please visit the contact page to send me an email outlining your project ideas/needs.